# M002 - How to create a realistic Light Lamp in maya? #

In this tutorial we will walk you through the process of creating believable Lamplight using Maya. To give lamp realistic effect we just can't put a single point light in the middle but we have to use multiple lights with different settings to produce the result we are looking for.

#Final Output

Final Output


As you can see in image below we have used three spot lights and a point light. Point light provides glow to the lap while two spot lights generate fall off and illumination at the end of the light cylinder. Spot light at the right side is used as fill light.

Shaders on the walls, floor and other props are general shaders. Lamp shader needed some special attention. Create a custom shader network for the lamp shade. Now place a 2d file texture node in Hypershade. Now drop in a condition node. Shift+Middle drag file node on to the condition node. Connection editor will pop up. Connect file node’s out color node to the Color If True node of the condition node. Now drop a Sampler Info node in Hypershade. Again Shift+Middle drag the sampler info node on to the condition node and connect Flipped Normal node to the First Term of the condition node.

Shading Network
Add a Multiply/Divide node to the Hypershade and Shift+Middle drag Sampler Info node onto the Multiply/Divide node and connect Facing Ratio to Input > Input1x. Select the file texture node and duplicate it. Shift+Middle drag Multi/Divide node onto duplicated 2d file node and make following connection in the connection editor. Output > Output X  Color Gain > Color Gain R Output > Output Y  Color Gain > Color Gain G Output > Output Z  Color Gain > Color Gain B Now Shift+Middle drag condition node onto original lambert shader and connect Out Color to Color. Finally Shift+Middle drag duplicated file node onto the lambert shader and connect out color to Incandescence. Apply this material to the lamp. This will create maximum volume of incandescence on the Lamp that is pointed towards the camera. This is achieved by the Facing Ratio attribute. Light Setup for Spot Lights at the ends of the Lamp …

Spot Lights

Setup for Point Light at the Middle …

Point Lights
Setup for Fill Light…

Fill Lights
If you need glow on the Lambert shader and in Special Effects attribute give some glow to the shader. This was a quick walk through for creating believable lamp light in Maya. You can always improve on it. We are attaching Maya Files for practice.

#Download Project

Download Project
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