# M0003 - How to attach multiple bump nodes to an object in Maya? #

In this tutorial we will describe any easy method to apply multiple bumps on a surface.

#Final Output

Final OutputShading Network

# Flow

[A]. Create a new Maya scene and create two simple objects, one plane and one cube.

[B]. Open up the Hypershade and drop in two bump2d nodes. Download project files and extract textures. Apply textures to two bump nodes. Select the bump1 node and MMB drag it over another bump node. Connection editor will pop up. Make sure that Show Hidden Option is enabled in Connection Editor Menu.

[C]. Now from left display click on outNormal node (c1) to select and then on right select normalCamera. These options will only be visible when you turn on Show Hidden option.

Connection Editor

[D]. Voila !! you created two bumps in no time. Now drop in a material in Hypershade. Drop bump2 node on the material and apply it to the objects. Play with the bump settings and render your scene.
Shading Network

#Download Project

Download Project
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